AudioSigGen is a Audio Signal Generator for the iPhone and this is the website about this app.
Actual version: 1.5.1

I've developed a free and simple to use audio signal generator named AudioSigGen, available at the Apple App Store. This app should support audio, sound and acoustic engineers by providing sine wave tones in the audioband. As a sound engineer you often need some testtones and most of them are sine wave tones. One field of application could be finding the acoustic resonance of the stage before the soundcheck, or testing loudspeakers and soundsystems.

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November 2015:

Dear AudioSigGen users

6 years ago I started with the development of this app, I enjoyed working on this and it was great fun! Also I appreciated feedback from the users, I added a few features based on this. It was always a leisure activity for me, I didn't earn money (even I tried with iAd and Google banners, and there has been the developer fee to pay...).

Time is moving and I came to the conclusion to terminate my work on this project. Therefore I'll quit my developer account at Apple and AudioSigGen will be removed from the store in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for using my app!

If you discover problems with hidden sliders on iOS 8, please update to iOS 9, then sliders are back (all with the latest AudioSigGen release 1.5.1).

6. Jan 2012:
Improvements of this version:
  1. Via the button "Wavelength", the frequency can also be set by value the wavelength.
  2. Since the main screen is now a bit overloaded with buttons, you can also set the simple interface mode on.
  3. The iAd stuff is kicked out, so the app will be available also for version 3.0 soon (version in review).
  4. BTW: To use with Bluetooth, this works the same way as Airplay.

26. July 2011: AudioSigGen works with AirPlay:
  1. Connect your iPhone to the AirPlay speaker.
  2. Switch to the iPod app, click on the AirPlay button to switch the output to the AirPlay speaker.
  3. Close the iPod app, open AudioSigGen, then the AirPlay output will be used for AudioSigGen as well.

15. July 2011: Small changes:
14. Juni 2011: Now the app makes some noise.
Improvements of this version:
27. March 2011: AudioSigGen goes stereo!
Improvements of this version:

30. November 2010: After a some evaluation, there is a update now with only few changes - maybe I will include more features in the future versions ...
Improvements of this version:
20. April 2010: New verion of the app (V1.1) and a new websites. Like the new version of the app is tabbar based, further features will be easyer to implement. There will be a "settings" section, where you can adjust the values for bursts, mutli tones, ... and there will be some new features. Stay updated!

Improvements of this version:
22. December 2009: The app (V1.0) is now in the App Store!

With this app you can:

The great tab bar icons are made by: